Welcome to Tuco Technologies

Tuco sniffing berries and walking away to find out what it is and stop kind of before he opens the leaves

We create and deliver exciting 3d animated experiences via mobile phone

helicopter shot of just the river from Story B when both Fish and Tuco want to begin their adventure

Core Values

mobile technology

Integration of animation with mobile

All ages

Educational and entertaining stories
for all ages.


Creativity and hard-work

Slow and steady wins the race.
Meet Tuco and Friends
What we do

Mobile Entertainment

3d animated short stories built around a theme or message using the latest in digital technologies.

Character and Environment Design

Creation of unique and relatable characters, complete with backstory, physical and emotional needs, and personality quirks.

Web Development

Personalized content with eye-catching graphic design to attract more clients to your product or service

Tuco Technologies creates and delivers exciting 3d animated experiences via mobile phone. Feel free to contact us

  • Téléphone :613-282-1402
  • Email : tuco@tucotech.org
  • Adresse :Box 39101 Billings, Ottawa, On, K1H 1A1
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